2020 Adult Race Series


Zoomers Race Series 2020 (Adults)

Race Series Points will be awarded as follows:

8 pts    1st Place in Zoomer’s age group Male and Female

6 pts    2nd Place in Zoomer’s   age group Male and Female

4 pts    3rd Place in Zoomer’s age group Male and Female

2 pts    Completing the Race

  • All races will be considered as part of the race series; however, only your best 6 races will be scored (6 races must be run as a minimum).
  • In 2020, you are competing against your fellow Zoomers.  You do not need to place in your AG in the race to be awarded points.  Points are awarded based on how you place against other Zoomers in your age group.  NO OVERALL or MASTERS POINTS WILL BE GIVEN.
  • You must OPT IN to be eligible to earn points for the 2020 Race Series. You can sign up anytime of the year. Once enrolled, you start earning points. If you don’t sign up then you don’t get any points. To OPT IN, please go to www.Zoomersrun.com and click on Race Series.  Points are NOT retroactive; you will start accumulating points from the time you OPT IN.
  • Whatever Age you are on December 31, 2020, you will be placed in the appropriate age group and you will remain there throughout the Entire race series. This only applies to the Zoomers Race Series Scores.
  • Points are cumulative throughout the year.
  • Only paid and active adult members of Zoomers, over 15 yrs of age, will be awarded points. When your membership expires, you will be removed the 1st of the following month unless you have renewed. (Example: Membership expires June 10. If you do not renew by June 30, you will be removed from the series on July 1.) You will not receive points for the period of expired membership. (Example: Do not renew by June 30 and do the Firecracker 5k on July 4- You will not receive points bc your membership is not in good standing).
  • Volunteer at least once at any Zoomers Volunteer Opportunities: (Opportunities are always posted in the Facebook group):

Volunteering for ANY race on the series or Zoomers events will also count. If you volunteer for a race on the series, make sure you tell one of the committee members so that it will be counted.

  • Racing series point totals will be posted on the Zoomer’s website after each race. Mistakes happen, so it is the responsibility of each Race Series participant to check their points and report any discrepancies. 

There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place age group awards for the 2020 season. If there is a tie, both winners will receive the same award.

Awards will be presented at the Annual Awards Banquet.

(Revised 12.14.20)

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